We are creating the Octodon degus New Genome Reference Program (OdGRP); this program maintains and updates the degu's genome reference and provides it to the scientific community.

Reference genomes are the cornerstone of modern genomics. The new Octodon degus high-quality genome differentiates from draft genomes by their completeness (low number of gaps), low number of errors, and a high percentage of sequence assembled into chromosomes. Indeed, even the latest (2013) version of the Octodon degus reference has hundreds of gaps, mostly in or near centromeres, telomeres, segmental duplications and ribosomal DNA arrays.

The Octodon degus new reference genome aims to be released to the scientific community by July 2023 by our Fondecyt degus Genome Project (FDGP).

This reference genome is notable not only for its breadth but also for its completeness, accuracy and haplotype-phased, chromosome-by-chromosome assemblies. The project employs state-of-the-art sequencing, mapping and computational technologies. It draws on expertise worldwide to create a resource that promises unprecedented insights into this rodent diversity and evolution. It also establishes a benchmark of quality standards and best practices for the genome-sequencing field.

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