We use short and long reads to obtain a high contiguity assembly at the chromosome level, thus generating a new reference genome for the degus. The assembly is now at contig level, and sorting these contigs into chromosomes is running.

With these analyses, we expect to complete the genomes of different Octodon degus populations in Chile, including identifying memory-related variants and generating a catalogue of variants of these populations.

This site is constantly updated until completion: July 2023.

Octodon degus Rinconada de Maipu variants:

WHOLE GENOME SEQUENCE Rinconada de Maipú (Maipu).

This genome was aligned and compared against the Octodon degus reference genome GCA_000260255.1 published by the Broad Institute in 2013.

We identified 11,272,248 variants of which 9,501,642 correspond to SNPs and 1,770,605 to insertions/deletions (InDel).

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