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Robert M. J. Deacon

Robert M. J. Deacon, Ph.D., has over forty year of experience in rodent behaviour as the head of the rodent behaviour Unit and Lecturer at the Experimental Psychology Department of Oxford University, UK. Dr. Deacon graduated in Pharmacology at University of Cardiff, Wales, UK. Dr. Deacon received a Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology at
the University of Wales, UK. Rob is a leading researcher in the field of mouse behaviour with over a hundred of peer review publications, including seven published in Nature Protocols in a single year. Dr. Deacon worked as Pharmacologist Group Leader at Roussel
Laboratories at Swindon, UK in drug discovery. As the Head of the rodent behaviour unit at Oxford University he led several programs on rodent behaviour and rare diseases. Rob is head of behaviour at Dr. Cograms team.


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